Professional Nursing Service Matching Platform

We provide nursing staffs and services for individuals, understaffed medical institutions and elderly households, and match suitable nursing staff with our clients according to their needs.

Main Services

Medical Staffing Solution

AGA’s Professional Medical Staffing Matching provides real-time and reliable medical staffing solutions and programs based on our medical institution clients’ individual needs and requirements. We value each customer’s specific needs and carefully select suitable and professional medical personnel to address the problem of staff turnover or short-term staffing shortages faced by institutions. Our outsourcing and outreach medical staffing solutions provide various medical staffing management programs, including regular and substitute staffing for personnel on leave or needing personnel. We are committed to providing timely, comprehensive, diversified medical staffing solutions to major private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, and other medical institutions.

Private Nursing Matching

AGA’s one-stop matching service solution: Whether it’s home care, elderly living nursing, daily life care, medical care, physical therapy, or medication management, our private nursing service can provide you with professional and personalized nursing workforce, achieving better care quality and recovery path for your caring loved ones. The advantages of private nursing are more flexible and convenient, allowing you to arrange nursing services in your own home or a specific location. AGA’s nursing or medical staff have rich professional knowledge and experience. We will provide the most suitable nursing plan according to your needs and health condition. Private nursing is your best choice for you and your family!

Coating Disinfection

Protect our environment, family and colleagues. One-stop professional disinfection service: disinfection, cleaning, protection.
We provide immediate disinfection and protective coating services for major social welfare organizations, government departments, and commercial organizations.

Our Clients